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Then and now

There are few people who are able and willing to do life together, to commit to "showing up" if you will. In general, I think that is a detriment to society, because a rich community evokes a sense of connectedness, hope, and a chance to be known. Community can provide anchors of commitment and the ability to safely and lovingly call each other out when we know we are called to more.

Dean and Bethany have proven to be the kind of people who aim foster that kind of community—aka we struck friend gold when we met. Since then, their house has become a home away from home and their family feels like our family. Below is a gallery of images that capture moments of life that I've had the chance to be present for. What's not included are the other great moments in between like our worship nights, home-reno projects we're learning from, a trip to Texas, and evenings around a fire.

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